Q-Bot provides robotic solutions for the construction, maintenance and upgrade of buildings. The company has developed the first affordable and fully accredited solution for the retrofit of insulation to suspended floors. Q-Bot’s solution makes homes warmer and more comfortable while increasing energy efficiency without the hassle or expense of alternative methods.

“ I am much warmer and I’m saving £20 per month on bills. I love Q-Bot, it has made a massive difference.” – Customer, North London

Where is your project based?

Q-Bot provides under floor insulation across UK.

What problem are you solving?

Independent studies have shown that for a typical property, suspended timber floors are responsible for as much as 1/4 of the total heat loss and 40% of the draughts. More than 10 million homes in the UK have suspended timber floors and very few have been insulated. These homes tend to be some of the UK’s worst performing, with low EPC scores, high prevalence of fuel poverty, and few practical or cost-effective options to upgrade them. To address this problem, Q-Bot has developed an innovative robotic device to remotely apply insulation.

How do you do this?

The solution works by using a robotic vehicle to insulate the underside of suspended timber floors in situ. The robot is inserted under the floor through an access hatch or air vent, and surveys the void and condition of the floor. If suitable, the robot sprays an expanding insulation foam to the underside of the floor and finally records the install to verify the area and depth of insulation applied. Q-Bot’s installation process is accredited by the BBA, ensures quality control.

What difference are you making?

In a sample of 100 homes, the results show that the measure reduces heat loss through the floor by 80% and cold draughts for the whole house by 1/3. Q-Bot’s solution is cheaper, performs better and is hassle free. It produces an average energy saving of £150 per year. For a typical home, Q-Bot offers energy savings for a lower upfront cost than all other measures. It is actually half the cost per EPC point of traditional underfloor measure and 1/3 of the cost of solid wall insulation.

” I am much warmer and the house retains a lot more heat than it used to. I’m very satisfied with Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation.” – Customer, Aberdeen

“ Absolutely brilliant! They did a great job with minimal disruption.” – Customer, Liverpool



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