The Fair By Design Fund is managed by Ascension Ventures, bringing nationwide reach and infrastructure for companies looking for funding in this space. The Fair by Design Fund invests in companies seeking loans and equity funding from Seed through to Series A and beyond, and will share Ascension Venture’s collaborative approach, seeking deal-flow and co-investment opportunities from other funds, corporates, venture capitalists, and angel investors.

The Fair By Design Venture Fund is providing capital/funding to grow new and scalable ventures to innovate the market. Below are some examples.



We have deployed capital into exceptional businesses designed to make an impact on the Poverty Premium. These include for-profit and non-profit companies, tech startups, Community Interest Companies (CICs), charities and private limited companies.


The Fair By Design Roadshow

The Fair By Design (FBD) Roadshow is a series of events bringing together social impact innovators and decision-makers committed to tackling the poverty premium across the UK.

It serves as a platform for all change-makers determined to work together and share best practices and the latest solutions, including tech businesses and social enterprises solving specific aspects of the poverty premium (fuel and food poverty, financial exclusion and high credit, digital exclusion, transport, etc.) and key enablers (policy-makers, local councils, housing associations, credit unions, large employers, media, etc…) that can support the roll-out of these cost-saving services to their residents, employees, and/or constituents.