Fair By Design’s vision is of a UK where poor and low income people pay a fair price for essential services. Our strategic goals are to eliminate the poverty premium through the activity of regulators, changes in social policy, and changes made by business.

How we will meet our goals:

  • Shifting the policy agenda.
  • Increasing the evidence base on the poverty premium through research and shining new light on old problems.
  • Putting people with lived experience at the heart of everything we do.
  • Collective action supported by partnerships and alliance building with the social justice sector.
  • Developing relationships and engaging with our audiences (regulators, policymakers, and businesses) supported by meetings, conferences and events, and working positively with businesses.

How we will know we are making progress:

  • We will be better known, and engaged with, by our audiences.
  • Our audiences recognise the impact on people of the poverty premium and make changes to their policies and processes, or products.
  • Essential services will better meet the needs of poor and low income consumers.
  • There will be an increase in partnership working and alliance building with those that share our vision.