Living with the poverty premium - Paulette's story

Fair By Design is working with Toynbee Hall to bring the voices of those with lived experience of the poverty premium centre stage.

Toynbee Hall works with Fair By Design to support Experts to participate in:

  • Policy influencing work such as providing testimony for consultation responses or giving evidence;
  • Fair By Design’s communications, such as the website, social media, and publications, in the form of images, video and quotes;
  • Projects, including our flagship work on Inclusive Design;
  • Media opportunities;
  • Events, including those held in parliament, and roundtables with Fair By Design’s audiences.

Experts provide feedback to prospective Venture Fund investees through interactive workshops, which is also relayed to the investment committee, and they are kept in the loop about the committee’s decision.

Toynbee Hall will also facilitate workshops between Experts and existing investees to ensure user voice is at the heart of firms already supported by Fair By Design.

The Young Foundation cited Fair By Design’s model of working in its report ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us’ on involving diverse voices in social investment and the positive impact on outcomes for funds and the people they are intending to serve.

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