We have signed up to the Fairness Foundation’s letter to UK party leaders calling for the next Government to make tackling inequality an urgent priority. 

In their latest report, The Canaries, the Fairness Foundation shows that Britain is a deeply unfair country, examples from the report include:  

  • 30% of children live in relative poverty; this is projected to increase to 33% by 2028 
  • The average person in the South-East of England is £195,400 wealthier than their counterpart in the North of England; this gap is projected to increase to £229,000 by 2029. 
  • 1.8 million children live in overcrowded housing; this is projected to increase to 2 million children by 2030.  

The report calls for urgent action to change this, and for the next Government to reduce inequality over the next five years. 

It names the poverty premium as one of the reasons the UK is so unfair: 

“At the same time, those at the lower end of the income distribution face a poverty premium, paying more for essentials than their wealthier counterparts. This is an increasing risk for the transition to net zero, as the economic impact of transitioning to more sustainable modes of consumption is greater for those on lower incomes, despite their contributing to climate change far less than their wealthier counterparts.” (Page 11, The Canaries, Fairness Foundation).

Amongst the report’s recommendations are calls for the introduction of an essentials guarantee, a call which we have supported.  

You can read the full letter and report on the Fairness Foundations website here.