Ambassador Danny

Ambassador Danny

I got into loads of debt with payday lenders. I would definitely say I’ve been affected by the Poverty Premium.

I am a Manchester-born former gambling addict who now lobbies lenders, banks, and gambling companies, to adopt more responsible safeguards. I believe that the current attitudes towards being in debt are due a change; too many people are left stigmatised or battling for longer than deserved.

Throughout most of my twenties, I got myself trapped in a cycle of payday loan borrowing and battling a secret gambling addiction. I then turned this around into an excessive habit of focusing on budgeting and planning a way out of debt. I now look back on this as being such a lonely and difficult battle, and really want to see changes to make sure others don’t go through the same. I am now 29-years-old and have set the target of being completely out of debt by 30, with the challenge set to avoid any borrowed finance in the future (except for the dream of owning a home!).


During my spare time, I love going to hear live music and have a growing family of 3 dogs and 4 cats!