Helping to end food poverty and make life affordable for our members

Where is your project based?

We work in a variety of hubs around Greater Manchester.

What problem are you solving?

Helping to end food poverty and make life affordable for our members while also reducing food waste, using surplus and donated food and non-food items that would otherwise go to waste, unlocked in collaboration with our partners (including Morrisons, Amazon Fresh, Booths and FareShare) for distribution via our community partners.

How do you do this?

We collect surplus food daily. Following H&S/food hygiene checks our volunteers help pack the bags at our hubs. Our members text confirmation two days earlier so they know there’s a bag ready for them. Each van typically feeds 130 families; we currently run three vans every weekday bar Wednesday (two vans).

What difference are you making?

We are making a huge impact on how families are eating by providing a constant service of high-quality food to our 5000+ members. The money they save on food helps them get out of debt. We are also helping to develop the communities around our hubs, offering volunteering opportunities and promoting community spirit.

“The project provides our clients with good quality, healthy, low-cost food, helping people get out and stay out of debt. It’s also great to help stop food waste in Manchester. Seeing our clients’ smiles as they look through their amazing bag of goodies is a total joy! Thank you Bread and Butter Thing for supporting our community.”

Victoria Armstrong CEO The Oasis Centre