Consumers – Energy



Q-Bot provides robotic solutions for the construction, maintenance and upgrade of buildings. The company has developed the first affordable and fully accredited solution for the retrofit of insulation to suspended floors. Q-Bot’s solution makes homes warmer and more comfortable while increasing energy efficiency without the hassle or expense of alternative methods. “ I am much…


A scheme that pays for the preparation work needed for energy efficiency measures to be installed in fuel-poor households What problem are you solving? Sometimes, when fuel-poor customers are eligible for energy efficiency measures, such as ECO, installation may not progress since there is a gap in funding as nobody funds the preparation works that…

nPower Fuel Bank®

What problem are you solving?  Many people have to make the choice between heating and eating, because they are unable to afford to do both, and subsequently do not top up their Pre–Payment meters –  leaving them without gas and electricity for cooking, heating and hot water. With 20% of people in the UK living…


We aim to help our members save as much as they possibly can on their energy bills, without having to lift a finger. How do you do this? We offer a simple, single signup, membership service. In 2 minutes, you could be on the cheapest energy, forever. We switch you to the best deal on…

Consumers – Finance


Wagestream gives employees complete control over when they get paid. It effectively ends the need for employer advances, loans and the stress caused by short-term, unplanned financial obligations. Its mission is to destroy the payday loan industry. It has a significant impact on financial wellbeing. {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+latest+fund+investments&style=classic&shape=square&color=sandy-brown& }}

Credit Kudos

Credit Kudos is is a challenger credit bureau that harnesses Open Banking data to measure creditworthiness in a fairer way, helping individuals get access to services at better rates, by fully understanding their financial situations instead of a one-dimensional credit score. {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+latest+fund+investments&style=classic&shape=square&color=sandy-brown& }}


Street UK

Where is your project based? Street UK has 6 branches covering the West Midlands region (Birmingham, Northfield, Coventry, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton). What problem are you solving? We offer financial products and services designed to tackle financial exclusion and help people who are cut off from mainstream financial services such as Banks & Building…

Places for People

Providing responsible, affordable financial services that make a difference to people’s lives. Where is your project based? National service (telephone and online). What problem are you solving? Our mission is to provide responsible and affordable financial services that make a difference to people’s lives. Small sum personal loans can be hard for some customers to…

Purple Shoots

We tackle poverty, unemployment and social isolation in a sustainable way through encouraging independence and self-reliance. Where is your project based? We are based in Pontypridd, South Wales and cover as much of Wales as we can. We also work to develop our self-reliant groups in the Bristol/Gloucester area. What problem are you solving? We…

Five Lamps Trading Limited

Our core business serves those not supported by mainstream lenders and who have few alternatives to accessing affordable and responsible credit. How do you do this? We provide personal loans to individuals who are not supported by mainstream lenders and who often have to rely on expensive high cost credit providers. On average, our customers can…

Housing Associations


Switchee is the UK’s first smart thermostat and asset management platform for large social landlords. Switchee reduces the energy costs for social housing tenants, which helps reduce fuel poverty, responsible for the largest premiums on low-income consumers. {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+latest+fund+investments&style=classic&shape=square&color=sandy-brown& }}

Orbit – Carpets & Curtains pilot

What problem are you solving? Starting a new tenancy can be expensive. Historically across the sector, all furnishings, flooring and window coverings are removed from a property regardless of quality when a customer moves out and the property becomes void. This means, furnishing a new home has the potential to leave more and more customers…

Other Poverty Premium solutions


We Are Digital

We Are Digital (‘WAD’) is an online platform that combats digital and financial exclusion via tutoring sessions. WAD works with corporate and government customers, supporting them with the challenges of servicing digitally excluded consumers. It ensures that excluded consumers can access products and services previously inaccessible to them. {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+latest+fund+investments&style=classic&shape=square&color=sandy-brown& }}



Kraydel tackles social isolation for elderly and vulnerable people, helping them stay independent for longer through its smart connectivity platform and ancillary digital services inaccessible to them. {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+latest+fund+investments&style=classic&shape=square&color=sandy-brown& }}



JobSkilla is a free online platform designed to bridge the gap between the unemployed, funded training, and support providers and advisors. It tackles digital exclusion by connecting funded training programmes with unemployed people and offering digital inclusion training. {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+latest+fund+investments&style=classic&shape=square&color=sandy-brown& }}


Hartlepool Action Lab

The Hartlepool Action Lab brings together local people and organisations to develop solutions to poverty. We gather people, ideas, energy and resources together to take action to make Hartlepool a more affordable, better place to live. Where is your project based? Hartlepool, Teesside What problem are you solving? We used Community Research to find out…

The Bread and Butter Thing

Helping to end food poverty and make life affordable for our members Where is your project based? We work in a variety of hubs around Greater Manchester. What problem are you solving? Helping to end food poverty and make life affordable for our members while also reducing food waste, using surplus and donated food and…