The Fair By Design Roadmap is our blueprint for describing what the poverty premium is and how together we can eliminate it.

It was written in partnership with a group of sector experts with considerable knowledge of the poverty premium.  In it we set out remedies for our three sectors of focus – energy, financial services, and insurance markets – which will ensure consumers pay a fair price for their essential services and goods.


  • Businesses from the energy, financial services, and insurance sectors should ‘Poverty Premium proof’ all their existing products to ensure low income customers aren’t paying more for essential services
  • Regulators work together to identify and remove services and products that penalise customers on low incomes
  • Government set up an inquiry into the existence and impact of the Poverty Premium across a range of sectors
  • Social landlords look into how they can support their tenants to reduce costs, such as supporting them to access the cheapest and most appropriate energy tariffs, providing access to affordable loans and supporting tenants to furnish and equip their homes cheaply.