What is the poverty premium in insurance?

Insurance products are essential to provide protection from financial loss and peace of mind for consumers. Despite being essential, low-income households face a number of barriers to accessing the insurance market. If low-income consumers can afford insurance, they are often hit with additional costs.

Car insurance

A car is often essential, for getting people to work, or enabling them  to visit loved ones, and it is often the only form of transport suitable for some disabled people, yet the poor are charged a premium.

People in less affluent areas are hit by a postcode penalty and can pay almost £335 more a year than others living in more affluent areas. If they pay monthly, this can mean an extra £122 or so on top, amounting to around £450 simply because they are poor, and seen as riskier and costlier to serve.

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What we're doing

We are working to address the barriers low income consumers face in the insurance market and to find solutions to ending the poverty premium. We are calling on regulator The Financial Conduct Authority to investigate how well the insurance market is meeting the needs of low-income consumers, including the premium charged to customers for paying monthly for their car insurance. We are also working with the industry to design solutions and engage government throughout the process.

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Real Stories

Our work is led by the voices of those who experience the poverty premium.

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