What is the poverty premium in credit?

People in poverty pay more to borrow money. This is because people on a low income are more likely to have a low credit score and therefore be seen as more of a risk to lend to.

Credit is an essential service for smoothing out the ups and downs in income that we all experience.

Using high cost credit

Such as short term high interest loans
and credit cards

What we're doing

No Interest Loan Scheme

Fair By Design has partnered with Fair4All Finance and Toynbee Hall on the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) pilot, the first of its scale across the UK. NILS aims to make credit available at zero interest to those who cannot afford interest payments.

It has received £3.8m in funding from Treasury and up to £1m of lending capital from each devolved administration. Pending the results of the pilot, we would like to see schemes like this rolled out across the UK.

More about NILS

Affordable Credit

We’re calling on the Government to drive a step change in the provision of affordable credit. The Government should explore a UK-style Community Reinvestment Act, following the example of the US, to increase the availability of credit to those on low incomes.

For more read our manifesto

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Real Stories

Our work is led by the voices of those who experience the poverty premium.

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Elspeth’s Story: Credit and the poverty premium

Date published: 06/06/23

Credit and the poverty premium: Elspeth’s story