Covid-19 is impacting all of our lives. But people in poverty, on low pay and with insecure work have been hit especially hard. Coronavirus will push many others into new financial challenges and with it increase the number exposed to the poverty premium: the extra costs of being poor.

We are working with other civil society organisations to ensure the needs of poor and low income consumers are communicated to regulators and policy makers. We are convening and co-ordinating where we can be useful, working to help ensure the immediate needs of low income people are heard. Read our consultation responses here.

We have also begun work to ensure we will be at the heart of future Covid-19 recovery plans. Covid-19 has lifted the veil on the gaps between government safety nets and what the market will provide. We are working with others to bridge this great divide, to make sure markets are fair and don’t penalise people for having less money. It should not cost more to be poor. 

Visit our Venture Fund portfolio page for links to our investees’ websites, outlining what they are doing in response to the crisis.