Read the Campaign’s full three year strategy here.

Our vision is of a UK where poor and low income people pay a fair price for essential services, due to the activity of regulators, changes in social policy, and changes made by business.

Our strategies to get us to our goals include:

  • Increasing the evidence base on (1) the number of people experiencing the poverty premium and (2) the detriment experienced. This will include lived experience.
  • Influencing regulators and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) so that they recognise and mitigate the impact of the Poverty Premium
  • Influencing policymakers so that they (1) recognise and (2) mitigate the impact of the poverty premium.
  • Working positively with, and supporting businesses, facilitating practical solutions and business cases so they are more able to ‘design out’ the poverty premium for their customers.

Our activities include:

  • Creating evidence through research, including lived experience.
  • Engaging the CMA and regulators through meetings and events.
  • Engaging with policymakers through meetings and events.
  • Supporting businesses to understand the needs of all consumers – particularly those on low incomes – if they use Inclusive Design principles for the design and delivery of their products and services.  These principles will help businesses set priorities, develop and implement interventions, and assess their effectiveness. Inclusive Design principles can also guide regulators’ expectations of businesses.
  • Working with intrapreneurs in businesses.
  • Engaging with organisations in the social justice sector to co-ordinate and align advocacy work and campaigning activities.
  • Working with the Fair By Design Fund – integrating the lived experience and connecting with other organisations.